ockam tcp-inlet

ockam tcp-inlet <COMMAND>

A TCP inlet is a way of defining where a node should be listening for connections, and where it should forward that traffic to. It is one end (tcp-outlet being the other) of a portal, which receives TCP data, chunks and wraps them into Ockam Routing messages and sends them along the supplied route.



# Create a target service, we'll use a simple http server for this example
$ python3 -m http.server --bind 5000

# Create two nodes
$ ockam node create n1
$ ockam node create n2

# Create a TCP outlet from n1 to the target server
$ ockam tcp-outlet create --at /node/n1 --to

# Create a TCP inlet from n2 to the outlet on n1
$ ockam tcp-inlet create --at /node/n2 --from --to /node/n1/service/outlet

# Access the service via the inlet/outlet pair
$ curl