project addon configure okta


Preview features are available for use, but are still under rapid development.

There may be some minor gaps in functionality or documentation.

Your feedback on the enhancements you'd like to see on this feature are especially valuable, please send them through at

ockam project addon configure okta [OPTIONS] --tenant <TENANT> --client-id <CLIENT_ID>

InfluxDB Cloud addon allows you to create, store and retrieve InfluxDB Tokens with expiry times.


  • --project [PROJECT_NAME] (optional)
    Ockam Project name

  • --tenant <TENANT>
    Okta Plugin tenant URL

  • --cert [CERTIFICATE] (optional)
    Okta Certificate. Use either this or --cert-path

  • --cert-path [CERTIFICATE_PATH] (optional)
    Okta Certificate file path. Use either this or --cert

  • --client-id <CLIENT_ID>
    Okta Client ID

  • -a, --attribute [ATTRIBUTE] (optional)
    Attributes names to copy from Okta userprofile into Ockam credential


Examples of how to configure and use the InfluxDB Cloud addon can be found within the example documentation: