node create

ockam node create [OPTIONS] [NODE_NAME]

This command will create a new node. It will create a vault and identity if none exist and will be assigned as the default for the system.

When creating a node, a pre-defined set of default services will be started, including:

  • An uppercase service at /service/uppercase
  • A secure channel listener at /service/api
  • A tcp listener listening at some TCP port picked by the operating system. After creating a node, you can use the ockam node show command to see the port that was assigned to it.

Services are one or more Ockam Workers identified by addresses of the form /service/{ADDRESS}. Services can be attached to identities and authorization policies to enforce attribute based access control (ABAC) rules.


  • [NODE_NAME] (optional)
    Name of the node


  • -f, --foreground (optional)
    Run the node in foreground

  • -e, --exit-on-eof (optional)
    Watch stdin for EOF

  • -t, --tcp-listener-address [SOCKET_ADDRESS] (optional)
    TCP listener address

  • --child-process (optional)
    node create started a child process to run this node in foreground

  • --launch-config [LAUNCH_CONFIG] (optional)
    JSON config to setup a foreground node

  • --trusted-identities [TRUSTED_IDENTITIES] (optional)

  • --trusted-identities-file [TRUSTED_IDENTITIES_FILE] (optional)

  • --reload-from-trusted-identities-file [RELOAD_FROM_TRUSTED_IDENTITIES_FILE] (optional)

  • --vault [VAULT_NAME] (optional)
    Name of the Vault that the node will use

  • --identity [IDENTITY_NAME] (optional)
    Name of the Identity that the node will use

  • --authority-identity [AUTHORITY_IDENTITY] (optional)

  • --credential [CREDENTIAL_NAME] (optional)

  • --project-path [PROJECT_JSON_PATH] (optional)
    Project config file

  • --trust-context [TRUST_CONTEXT_NAME | TRUST_CONTEXT_JSON_PATH] (optional)
    Trust Context config file

  • --project [PROJECT_NAME] (optional)


# To create a new node with a random name
$ ockam node create

# To create a new node with a specific name
$ ockam node create n