sidecar secure-relay-outlet

ockam sidecar secure-relay-outlet [OPTIONS] --to <SOCKET_ADDRESS> <--enroll-ticket <ENROLLMENT TICKET PATH>|--okta> <SERVICE NAME>

This sidecar starts a TCP outlet connecting to the provided address. It requires a valid enrollment mechanism. The portal will be named and inlet and outlet name must match.


    The name of the service


    TCP address to send raw tcp traffic

  • --dry-run (optional)
    Just print the recipe and exit

  • --enroll-ticket [ENROLLMENT TICKET PATH] (optional)
    Enrollment ticket to use

  • --okta (optional)
    If using Okta enrollment


# Starts the outlet connecting to localhost port 5432, with a named service `postgresql-production`
ockam sidecar secure-relay-outlet --to --enrollment-ticket ./ticket postgresql-production

# Prints the recipe without executing any command, can be used with `ockam run`
ockam sidecar secure-relay-outlet --to --enrollment-ticket ./ticket --dry-run postgresql-production

# Starts an outlet relay service called `my-http-service` listening connecting to port 5000 inside a docker container
docker run --name my-http-service -ti --volume /tmp/ticket_for_docker:/ticket ockam sidecar secure-relay-outlet --to --enrollment-ticket /ticket my-http-service