node delete

ockam node delete [OPTIONS] [NODE_NAME]

This command will delete the specified node or all the available nodes if the --all flag is used. Deleting a node implies killing the process and removing its data directory. To temporary pause a node use ockam node stop instead.


  • [NODE_NAME] (optional)
    Name of the node to be deleted


  • -a, --all (optional)
    Terminate all node processes and delete all node configurations

  • -f, --force (optional)
    Terminate node process(es) immediately (uses SIGKILL instead of SIGTERM)

  • -y, --yes (optional)
    Confirm the deletion without prompting


# To delete the default node
$ ockam node delete

# To delete a node given its name
$ ockam node delete n

# To delete all existing nodes
$ ockam node delete --all