secure-channel-listener create

ockam secure-channel-listener create [OPTIONS] <ADDRESS>

All nodes are created with a secure channel listener at /service/api.

You can use this command to start a custom listener with a specific name and authorization policies.


    Address for this listener


  • --at [NODE_NAME] (optional)
    Perform the command on the given NODE_NAME

  • -a, --authorized [IDENTIFIERS] (optional)
    Authorized Identifiers of secure channel initiators

  • --vault [VAULT_NAME] (optional)
    Name of the Vault that the secure-channel listener will use

  • --identity [IDENTITY_NAME] (optional)
    Name of the Identity that the secure-channel listener will use


# Create a secure channel listener with a custom name on the default node
$ ockam secure-channel-listener create test --at n2

# Create a secure channel from n1 to our test secure channel listener on n2
$ ockam secure-channel create --from /node/n1 --to /node/n2/service/test