relay create

ockam relay create [OPTIONS] [RELAY_NAME]

Create a Relay. If no arguments are passed in, and you are enrolled in Orchestrator, then it creates a Relay at the default Orchestrator project, to the local default node.


  • [RELAY_NAME] (optional)
    Name of the relay. If not provided, 'default' will be used


  • --to [NODE_NAME] (optional)
    Node for which to create the relay

  • --at [ROUTE] (optional)
    Route to the node at which to create the relay

  • --authorized [AUTHORIZED] (optional)
    Authorized identity for secure channel connection

  • --relay-address [RELAY_ADDRESS] (optional)
    Relay address to use. By default, inherits the relay name

  • --project-relay (optional)
    Whether the relay will be used to relay messages at a project. By default, this information will be inferred from the --at argument

  • --retry-count [RETRY_COUNT] (optional)
    Number of times to retry the command

  • --retry-delay [RETRY_DELAY] (optional)
    Delay between retries


$ ockam relay create r --at n1 --to n2