ockam project

ockam project <COMMAND>

The project command allows you to manage your Ockam Projects. You can create new Projects, list existing Projects, import existing Projects, and delete them.

As an administrator, you can also create tickets to allow other Ockam Nodes to become members of your Project (using ockam project ticket). You can provide these tickets to others, and they can redeem them to enroll their Ockam Nodes into your Project (using ockam project enroll).

An Ockam Project is a collection of Nodes and Workers that work together to achieve a common goal. You can create Nodes and Workers within a Project using various commands, like ockam node create.

Upon enrolling in Ockam, using ockam enroll, the Orchestrator creates a new dedicated Project for you. It offers two services: a Membership Authority and a Relay Service. You can use the Relay Service to create end-to-end secure channels. You can use the Membership Authority to manage which Identities are members of your Project.