kafka-inlet create

ockam kafka-inlet create [OPTIONS]

Create a new Kafka Inlet. Kafka clients v3.7.0 and earlier are supported. You can find the version you have with 'kafka-topics.sh --version'


  • --at [NODE_NAME] (optional)
    Perform the command on the given node

  • --addr [ADDR] (optional)
    The local address of the service

  • --from [FROM] (optional)
    The address where to bind and where the client will connect to alongside its port,

    :. In case just a port is specified, the default loopback address ( will be used

  • --bootstrap-server [BOOTSTRAP_SERVER] (optional)
    The address of the kafka bootstrap broker, conflicts with --to

  • --brokers-port-range [BROKERS_PORT_RANGE] (optional)
    Local port range dynamically allocated to kafka brokers, must not overlap with the bootstrap port

  • --to [TO] (optional)
    The route to the Kafka outlet node, either the project in ockam orchestrator or a rust node, expected something like /project/. Conflicts with --bootstrap-server

  • --consumer [CONSUMER] (optional)
    The route to the Kafka consumer node, valid only when --bootstrap-server is specified